Integrated communication

The philosophy of Public Dialog’s actions lies in developing of multi-tier communication strategies that are central to building permanent relations between the customer and the brand. Globalization is converting cultural and social patterns, this is exercising an influence on the demands from the customer of the 21st century. Everyone expects the brand to echo their needs, to undergo quick changes and adjustments. The prudently managed brands adjust themselves to these expectations in response to the ultimate priority of communications in the entire process.

Experienced specialists

The Public Dialog team has been made up of the individuals long connected with the PR branch. Owing to the experience gained in supporting the most meaningful world’s brands, implementing of a myriad of campaigns and strategies, we display high competences in communications. We are well aware of the role played by the company’s image within the company’s external and internal setting. We custom-tailor each strategy, situation and branch. We are qualified advisors to our clients.


In our daily operations we are led by the principles of ethics. We believe that only through well-planned, transparent and credible communications we can reach long-term PR objectives. We have unwavering confidence in the solutions and strategies we apply, by which we provide essential support to our clients, contributing to winning targeted position in the market.

Fresh perspective and creativity

Our task is to show our clients new communication channels aimed at breaking into the market, and facilitate of all the existing ones. Looking into a current situation of a given company and the specificity of its branch, we carry out analyses, research and audits allowing for developing effective strategies. The offered ones are properly directed and embedded in the landscape of a given branch and meet specific market demands.

Efficiency and impact

Public Dialog consultants have already prepared and carried out dozens of PR campaigns. Our actions are based on a detailed analytical process, and in the course of on-going projects, at each stage, we adjust the strategy to the changing circumstances and new market challenges. The above approach combined with our expertise, pro-activeness and experience of Public Dialog consultants maximizes the effects of our work.