In our daily operations we are led by the below values, which in a transparent manner define the corporate culture of our company:


We get engaged in the tasks in common with our clients, business partners, and media representatives and perform them in the vein of reciprocal respect. To build up mutual understanding we strive to rely on the principles of a dialog-based interaction. We prioritize the two-way communication with the environment and we treat it as a key value in PR.
Due to combining client’s plans and interests with relevant expectations of their environment, we thus create circumstances conducive to having confidence in one another.


Our experience and professionalism enable us to skillfully draft the effective communication strategies dedicated to our clients. Our competences and expertise help the consultants of Public Dialog to reach set business objectives.


In our daily work we look for more and more effective and creative solutions. We set only realistic targets which can be measured reliably by KPIs, to which we refer to as the benchmark for the settlement with the clients agreed at the project’s evaluation stage.


Ethics is a fundamental value for any engagements on the part of Public Dialog consultants. Our employees are led by the highest international ethical clients. We strictly observe related trade codes, inter alia the ICCO Stockholm Charter (International Communications Consultancy Organization) and the Council for the Public Relations Companies Code of Conduct.