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Relations Relations

Interpersonal relations is the basis of good business.  We cooperate with our clients, business partners and media representatives in the spirit of mutual respect.  In order to build mutual understanding we always adhere to the rules of dialog. We consider two-way communication between our agency and the audiences to be a key value in public relations. Due to connecting  clients’ plans, interests and concrete expectations of their audiences we are able to  build mutual confidence.  We are aware of the fact that only professional, reliable and transparent information management between the company and its audiences may lead to deep understanding and cement  positive relations with all stakeholders.

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Ambition Ambition

We are an ambitious team, made up of the individuals who set  themselves challenging objectives. Our associates aim at attaining self-fulfillment and  being successful together  with the clients. The employees of Public Dialog
redefine popular and well-worn communication patterns, each day they work out  more  more effective and creative solutions. We set realistic and fully measurable KPIs, for which we do incur responsibility towards our clients, and together with them we look into the strategies at any  stage of their implementation.

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Client Centric Client Centric

We want to be the most client-oriented PR agency in the whole branch. We aim at absolute satisfaction of our clients, and this becomes an ultimate motivator in our daily efforts. We listen attentively to our clients’ needs, we adjust ourselves to their expectations, as a result of which we are also strengthening our brand, too. We provide well-thought and proven solutions in corporate communications, public relations  and content marketing in order for the clients’ stories to be heard well. Doing so, we are having a positive impact on their future and development.

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Empowerment Empowerment

We are working in a good team that is highly integrated, ambitious and responsible. Our specialists are empowered to contribute into the decision-making process pertaining to the development of Public Dialog. Everyone incurs full responsibility for their own actions, and our team can always count on support from other mates.
We activate the potential and knowledge acquired by our staff, and  it is our team that is a driving power for the Public Dialog’s advancement.

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