Challenge and analysis

Challenge and analysis

Auctions of vintage cars,  so-called old-timers or classical cars, has been popular since mid-eighties of the 20th century. The world’ action house market  actually concentrates on the USA and Western Europe. In the last few  years Poland shows a higher sales in vintage cars by most 30% each year. In 2015 Ardor Auctions, the first auction house was established in Poland. Our challenge was to organize the biggest auction  in the Polish history dedicated to vintage cars and secure participation of  200 professional collectors from Poland and the European Union.



Two main fillars:

  • Passion to classical motorization arousing more interest and recognition in Poland
  • Classical motorization as an alternative option for investment with positive return

The main objectives included reaching:

  • Private investors interested in vintage cars as an alternative investment option
  • Wealthy  individuals whose passion is vintage cars


The first stage of the project focused on building the auction’s credibility and trust amid clients. The emphasis on  building a belief that it is not the first event  but already the next one. Communication as assumed was diversified and dedicated to the branch media dealing with motorization,  life-style,  general news on the one hand, and business and finance on the other.



  • Dedicated website
  • Auction held on – 16-17 september 2015 at the National Stadium in Warsaw
  • Press office
  • Media relations and expert positioning – related interviews carried out in, e.g. . ‘The Question for Breakfast’ talk show, TVP2, TVN Turbo, Polsat. Radio Eska, Radio Dla Ciebie, RMF FM.
  • 3 social media channels(FB, YT, Instagram). Regular information on the action preparations
  • A series of one-on-one appointments with journalists- 20  media representatives central  to the project
  • Warsaw Marriott-based press conference organized 2 weeks before the event
  • Marketing materials – Premium quality of photo and video materials
  • Press Office on the auction day– the action was attended by more than 50 accredited journalists.


  • Sale of 33 out of 57 exhibited  cars  (57%). The value of  bid cars: 4 600 000 PLN.
  • Auction attended by more than 200 collectors from Poland and EU (paid-in auction participation advance payment). Over 50 accredited journalists
  • From 1 July to 24 September 2015 as many as 230 publications appeared, including:
  • 21 in press
  • 17 on TV
  • 55 on the radio
  • 137 on-line
  • Imprint level in printed media and Internet (without TV and radio): 1 800 000
  • Fan Page won 2900 people. Instagram: 200 people
  • The project has been recognized and awarded by both Polish and international branch jury panels. The agency was awarded for Ardor Auctions with the following: two Silver Paperclips 2016 in the categories of: Media Relations and Product  Launch;  Mercury Excellence 2015/ 2016 GOLD in the category of Product Launch” The Finalist of THE SABRE AWARDS in the category of: PRODUCT MEDIA RELATIONS (TRADE MEDIA); SILVER STEVIE AWARDS 2016 in the category of MEDIA RELATIONS, SILVER STEVIE AWARDS 2016 in the category of  PRODUCT LAUNCH; PRIORITY IPRN (Project of the Year) 2016 in the category of B2C and  Bronze Magellan 2015 in the category of  Product PR.

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