Challenge and analysis

Challenge and analysis

  • Boosting reputation of  Łazarski Academy in the segment of  higher education , which due to demographic considerations  is getting more and more competitive and challenging
  • Reaching audiences through credible communication and making the Brand exposed in the channels and media consumed by Y generation (our target audience)  due to its extent and miscellany both pose a big challenge.  Reputation has an impact on admission numbers
  • Strengthening of the image of  an academy education course of study at the highest level, emphasis on the leader’s position among schools of higher education, especially in respect to the faculties of law compared
  • Developing of a campaign strongly oriented to  lead nutrition and sales


Strong focus on adequate positioning via  all  Academy’s channels based on  the  Łazarski mission. This  mission  is to create a  place which  owing  to  a practical  dimension of education offered,  international model of its courses of study and  the ethos of work, stands out from others.
The students are taught to critical thinking and proper approach to  leadership and  civic engagement. In 2017  the  activities  were conducted under the motto: ŁAZARSKI. THE ANSWERS YOU ARE LOOKING FOR”



SOCIAL INITIATIVES, CSR – a range of operational activities, which  communicating the mission explicitly, create an interesting platform for communication. The selected ones are presented below:

  • „Legal Day at the Łazarski Academy”. During the event free-of-charge legal help and advice was offered. The event is scheduled regularly
  • XIV edition of the ‘English for the kids from neighborhood’ – local initiative by the Łazarski Academy’s  College of Foreign Languages dedicated to the kids attending primary schools in the area
  • National Competition on The Knowledge of Rights and Freedoms, under the auspices of the Ombudsman Office



  • Press office: 60 items of press information conveyed
  • More than 30 experts engaged in the constant process of expert positioning
  • Content marketing: 10 articles, information on the course of studies: how to choose, what to focus on



  • New website
  • Social Media (Communications + ADS): Facebook, YouTube, Instagram
  • Social Media (nonstandard): Snapchat
  • Google: GDN, search, remarketing, landing page with a form for parents
  • Dedicated newsletter + SMS
  • Outdoor: ZTM/Public Transport Company and interactive roofed bus stops
  • BTL: Leaflets/brochures and press

Łazarski blog: answers to the questions which applicants can’t find in the offer



As a result of our agency and advertising  team’s within a year and a half  (2016 – June 2017) the following achievements were made:

  • PR: 4701 publications earned
  • PR: between September 2016 – June 2017 appearances  totaled  245 446 289 impression– source: IMM.
  • Events: The Academy organized more than 60 domestic and international scientific conferences involving related  communications activities.
  • Sales: meeting of the objective set for the academic year of 2016 despite adverse demographics; nearly 20% growth in the number of students at the Faculty of Law and Administration despite drops in the  number of students at the faculties of law at public universities
  • Digital: Total number of campaign-related advertising pop-ups: approx. 72 000 000
  • Digital: number of website visits: 3 722 177
  • Digital: number of website sessions – 1 160 000
  • Digital: number of clicks: 165 712
  • Social media: number of ‘likes’ generated – 30 000
  • Social media: increase in the number of Facebook fans  from 9059 to 15 567, increase in  the Twitter followers from 822 to 1235 and increase in the LinkedIn followers from 5548 to 7830
  • Bronze Statuette won in the Gold Paperclip Competition  in the category of  Corporate