Challenge and analysis

Challenge and analysis

  • Several competitions and educational projects, or initiatives taken by the working groups required appropriate recognition within  various  stakeholder groups
  • Advertising business  is no longer omitted in enumerations of  ‘material’ sectors of economy. The purpose behind our actions was to show its role and extent
  • Change in common perception of  SKM SAR as having a ‘conservative image’
  • On the merits, operational and communicative support  of the initiatives within CSR – fending off  long payment dates
  • Building a platform of cooperation and dialog with purchasing teams


SKM SAR takes numerous  initiatives aimed at integrating  the branch (educational programs at  Brand Strategy College, Interactive Marketing College; competitions: Effie, KTR, Innovation AD; CSR;  representation and spokesmanship  on behalf of its members). Considering a high number of initiatives taken by  SKM SAR, the strategy is based on the following guidelines:

  • Positioning advertising in Communications  as  an  indispensible component  in each business and as a material sector of economy
  • Inclusion of proactive comments  voiced by the SKM SAR experts on the surrounding circumstances, current events, trends connected with a widely understood marketing Communications
  • In Communications SKM SAR takes advantage of the rich experience and extensive knowledge held by many experts working in associated agencies
  • SKM SAR operates on behalf of the branch  (CSR), and  the whole community (educational and cultural projects)
  • Emphasis on business topics – continuing efforts to „come out of” the trade-related  media.


  • Press office – media relations actions with their heightened intensity  in specific projects or stages– e.g. inviting journalists, preparing press packs, arranging interviews, preparing photo materials
  • Running SKM SAR events – handling media in key advertising events nationwide as well as summoning conferences, briefings and related meetings
  • Arranging interviews with the representatives of  SKM SAR


  • Nearly 3000 publications on the SKM SAR actions over last 4 years
  • Winning the ‘Gold Paperclip’ award for the project of „Lost Museum’. It was carried out by Stowarzyszenie Komunikacji Marketingowej SAR and Ad Artis Foundation in collaboration with  the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage,  and with some support from the ‘Lotto’ project it was distinguished  in the category of culture

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