Komunikacja korporacyjna


We deliver solutions in area of integrated communication and public relations

We have been working for leading Polish and international brands. We respond to the needs of tomorrow in the field of communication and building real and lasting relationships between the brands and their surroundings.

We offer clients effective strategies in four areas: corporate communication, product communication, social media and content marketing.

In our strategies, projects or initiatives, we always focus on achieving business goals, measurability and impact on the environment with full faith in the power of dialogue.


We focus on development

As the first agency in Poland, we conducted a study on the "Role of Corporate Communication", as well as "Fake news from the perspective of Polish journalists". PaweĊ‚ Bylicki, CEO Public Dialog is a co-author of the book "Corporate Brand and its communication", published in 2018.

Our employees are lecturers, including London School of Public Relations, University of Warsaw, Collegium Civitas, School of Brand Strategy, School of Administration and Entrepreneurship in Lublin.

We comply with the tender rules of the White Book of Marketing Communication.


We operate in IPRN and SAPR

We belong to the global network of the International Public Relations Network (IPRN) with branches in 40 countries. We have global know-how and the ability to conduct communication in many markets at the same time. The global team consists of over 6,800 employees they have been working on the success of clients every day. www.iprn.com

We are also one of the founding agencies of the Association of Public Relations Agencies. SAPR is an organization that aims to represent and support the broadly understood PR industry present throughout Poland. The aim of the Association is to promote high-quality PR services, stimulate the development of this sector and support the demand for such services, as well as strengthen the competitiveness of PR in relation to other communication services. www.sapr.com.pl


We win prestigious awards for clients

Continuously from 2013, we have been receiving the most important Polish and international industry awards for our projects, including Stevie Awards, Magellan Awards, Golden Clip, PR Platinum and many more ...