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People working for Public Dialog are the company’s  highest value. All the  hiring’s of our  PR agency have been connected with the branch for several years.  Thanks to having been engaged in a variety of campaigns  and preparation of  strategies for the leading international brands, our employees demonstrate unparalleled competences in the area of communication.  Being target-oriented and pro-active, experienced and creative is what they have in common.

In addition, our associates are also lecturers at academic centers, e.g. Warsaw University, Collegium Caritas, School of Brand Strategy and Lublin Academy of Administration and Entrepreneurship.

The pillar of the conduct of our agency’s consultants  is ethics, and all our team members adhere to the ICCO and PSPR codes.


We are looking for people who think in a different way. We need the ones for whom career advancement, project commitment and creativity mean a lot. Public Dialog is where your voice will be heard and listened to. We value mutual respect and desire to learn. We promote new initiatives, the way of thinking that challenges popular patterns.

We offer a variety of profits, but we expect much in return.  We are aware the work is a vital part of our lives, therefore we strongly commit ourselves to our interesting projects.
We create an entrepreneurial spirit and form a setting, which is an encouragement to pursuing your own passions.

Corporate policy is foreign to us. The power of our team rests in a sense of friendship and promoting creativity. We are a well-tuned and ambitious team that is hungry for success, for whom ‘no tasks impossible’ is a motto. Good relations in our PR agency translate into effective work for our clients, and all this brings mutual satisfaction.  We want your life to be satisfying and beaming with positive energy.

If you were able to read the text far, it means our way of thinking sounds familiar to you – send you CV!


To our staff we offer:

  • Stable employment
  • Clear-cut remuneration system and bonus system for new business activities
  • Medical care
  • Working tools
  • Christmas/ Easter bonus
  • External training
  • You birthday is an import ant day of your life , therefore Public Dialog gives you an additional day-off as a gift.
  • 2 days of paid voluntary work once a year
  • Motivtional bonuses

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