Case study Strengthening the reputation of the iTaxi brand

Strengthening the reputation of the iTaxi brand
Challenge and analysis

Challenge and analysis

iTaxi is the largest and fastest growing application for taxi ordering in Poland. The system currently has over 10.000 taxis throughout Poland. The Agency had the following tasks to accomplish:

  • Strengthening the reputation of the iTaxi brand on the market
  • Reaching individual, as well as business customers
  • Distinguishing mobile taxi solutions from traditional taxis
  • Creating an expert image of the CEO of the company in the area of ​​new technologies and the start-up environment


  • Arranging meetings with potential corporate clients in order to establish cooperation based on non-cash payments for taxi journeys
  • Keeping a calendar of industry events and organizing speeches at the events. Participation, inter alia, in: Infoshare 2014, 2015, 2016, Internetbeta 2014, 3camp Trójmiasto 2014
  • Supporting the process of extending the network of taxi drivers actively using iTAXI


  • Press office and media relations
  • Expert positioning
  • Organization of local meetings with the media, press briefings


  • Wide media coverage: general, lifestyle, marketing, business, TV, etc.
  • During the cooperation, the Agency obtained 474 publications for iTAXI
  • AVE worth PLN 4.695.811
  • Stefan Batory (CEO of iTaxi) was in the top three of the ranking of 50 most creative people in the business published by Brief magazine.

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