We build admired brands and establish institutional reputations

Brands are omnipresent and have permeated every aspect of life

Through strategic communication, we focus on shaping reality in a direction desired by brands and institutions, ensuring the construction of a positive corporate image. We specialize in creating specific, distinctive, and easily interpretable messages. Through corporate communication, public affairs, public relations, and digital, we shape preferences, influencing purchasing decisions. We also create the image of a good employer – Public Dialog agency possesses a qualified team and experience to craft a cohesive image among both current and potential employees.

Corporate Communication & Public Affairs & Goverment Relations

We specialize in building corporate brands, institutions, and cultivating long-term relationships with decision-makers in specific sectors. We create enduring connections and enhance the reputation of our clients in the eyes of relevant government officials, public organizations, chambers, and associations. We assist in initiating a dialogue with politicians and representatives of public administration responsible for legislative solutions. Our experts provide guidance to clients seeking strategic advice in stakeholder relations, government affairs, aiming to minimize risks, and capitalize on opportunities in their business operations.

Crisis Communication & Reputation Management

No two crises are alike. We cannot control everything in the surrounding world. Our team of consultants will work closely with you to understand the situation and context, prepare an analysis with conclusions, and ultimately present appropriate recommendations and courses of action. We understand that crisis communication often requires involvement in legal, regulatory, human resources, political, or financial areas, and we navigate these areas effectively. How an entity communicates and behaves during a crisis will significantly impact societal perception and, consequently, reputation.

Brand Communication & Media

Today, brands serve as signposts for consumers, facilitating their navigation through the world of products, services, and various organizations. We specialize in accentuating the characteristics of brands that allow them to stand out amidst competition. We make them appealing and desirable! We select appropriate communication channels, craft narratives, and engaging stories to position the brand in the minds of potential customers. This is achieved through compelling content, strong media relations, and the expertise of our consultants.

Digital & Social Media

Consumers are becoming increasingly demanding, expecting fast (real-time), credible, and interesting information from brands. Whether the content is earned, owned, or paid, it must be engaging. Build your brand’s reputation with us online, increase reach, expand your audience, and sell more. In every strategy, we test the content we create to ensure it resonates with and aligns with the specific target audience’s requirements. We understand the importance of aligning content with the world and DNA of a particular brand. Social media today represents significant potential in reaching stakeholders who, at any moment, could become your new customers.

We have rich experience across various industries

  • Finance
  • Law
  • Blue infrastructure/Water and sewage
  • Banking
  • Energy
  • Chemistry
  • IT
  • FMCG (Fast-Moving Consumer Goods)
  • E-Commerce
  • Tourism
  • Hospitality
  • Automotive
  • Real Estate
  • NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations)
  • Associations and Alliances
  • Health and Pharmaceuticals
  • Aviation
  • Logistics
  • Media
  • Entertainment
  • Culture
  • Training
  • Sports
  • Education
  • Furniture industry
  • Trade fairs and congresses
  • Industry