Our goal is to make the world a better place for future generations through communication

We respond to the needs of tomorrow in the realm of communication and the building of genuine, lasting relationships between institutions, brands, people, and their environment. We assist clients in growth and creating meaningful changes.

Our team crafts communication strategies that generate awareness, credibility, and provide the assurance of conducting business while gaining the trust of stakeholders. The agency offers effective support in various areas: corporate communication, public affairs and government relations, crisis communication and reputation management, Brand PR and media, digital and social media.

Comprising strategists, creatives, and former journalists, our team knows how to capture attention, initiate interaction, and spark interest, delivering long-term value to clients. We are responsible, humble, and modest, placing a strong emphasis on relationships and transparency.

We start by understanding the client’s business conditions and then create engaging stories. In our strategies, we always prioritize achieving business goals, measurability, and impact on the environment, firmly believing in the power of dialogue.

As an independent, family-owned company, we work for institutions and brands that inspire us because we want to make the world a better place for future generations through communication.


Operating in the Communications business is a race without a finish line.  For us this race is also the base for our functioning as a Public Relations agency.   The acronym of  R A C E  defines a fundamental feature of Public Dialog, making it different from the other player in this branch. In pursuit of utmost professionalism in our day daily duties we focus on  the following:



Interpersonal relations is the basis of good business. We cooperate with our clients, business partners and media representatives in the spirit of mutual respect. In order to build mutual understanding we always adhere to the rules of dialog. We consider two-way communication between our agency and the audiences to be a key value in public relations. Due to connecting clients’ plans, interests and concrete expectations of their audiences we are able to build mutual confidence. We are aware of the fact that only professional, reliable and transparent information management between the company and its audiences may lead to deep understanding and cement positive relations with all stakeholders.



We are an ambitious team, made up of the individuals who set themselves challenging objectives. Our associates aim at attaining self-fulfillment and being successful together with the clients. The employees of Public Dialog redefine popular and well-worn communication patterns, each day they work out more more effective and creative solutions. We set realistic and fully measurable KPIs, for which we do incur responsibility towards our clients, and together with them we look into the strategies at any stage of their implementation.

Klient w centrum

Client Centric

We want to be the most client-oriented PR agency in the whole branch. We aim at absolute satisfaction of our clients, and this becomes an ultimate motivator in our daily efforts. We listen attentively to our clients’ needs, we adjust ourselves to their expectations, as a result of which we are also strengthening our brand, too. We provide well-thought and proven solutions in corporate communications, public relations and content marketing in order for the clients’ stories to be heard well. Doing so, we are having a positive impact on their future and development.



We are working in a good team that is highly integrated, ambitious and responsible. Our specialists are empowered to contribute into the decision-making process pertaining to the development of Public Dialog. Everyone incurs full responsibility for their own actions, and our team can always count on support from other mates. We activate the potential and knowledge acquired by our staff, and it is our team that is a driving power for the Public Dialog’s advancement.

Kim jesteśmy - Misja i wizja

Mission and vision

It is our mission to offer our clients most effective communication strategies so that they can build emotional relations with their customers using the engaging company story told by us in support, and eventually meet  their own business objectives.

It is the vision of Public Dialog to be the most recommended Polish agency in social Communications.


We are eager to learn the new, but we also willingly we share the knowledge acquired. This is the only way to the development our organization and the capacity to provide effective solutions to our business partners. We perceive sharing knowledge and experience as a vital part of our agency’s operations. We regularly publish trade-specific reports, take part in conferences and seminars, provide instruction at a number of academic centers, and actively take pr-bono initiatives aimed at the growth and personalizing of the Polish Communications and PR sector.

Fake news from the polish journalist perspective

Our agency has carried out the first research in Poland on the scale of fake news phenomenon with news presenters and journalists as subjects. The survey was done between 24 and 28 April 2017 by the ARC Rynek i Opinia Research Institute. It comprised 154 journalists.

The role of corporate communications

Please feel free to download the first report in Poland made on ‘The role of corporate communications’. The report is an effort to outline the characteristics of corporate communications, its trends and challenges, importance of stakeholders and the role of external accountants as well as present major challenges faced by the branch insiders.
The report compiles valuable information on the methods of measuring efficiency of Communications activities in the largest Polish and international companies.

Corporate brands and its communication

Paweł Bylicki, CEO of Public Dialog, is a co-author of the manual entitled ‘Corporate brand and its communication’ It is dedicated to the individuals interested in product and corporate brands and those who take care of communications on the level of entire organization. The addressees can be company employees, however, the rules of communication presented therein are useful to civil servants of government agencies, self-governments, trade unions or foundations. The publication can be of use to specialists and managers of different levels, whose assignments involve various kinds of brand communication.

The manual’s reader gets leads, among other things, on which major brand building components are, what identity, corporate image or reputation is, or why the brands devoid of strategic corporate communications management will fail to build relations with all their stakeholders. The manual outlines the notion of corporate vision, mission, value and culture. There are answers to the following questions: what is a corporate brand? What are its roles, objectives and functions? Who and how should manage corporate communications? How to plan corporate Communications and corporate strategy?


Paweł BylickiCEO of Public Dialog
left right

Paweł Bylicki

CEO of Public Dialog

CEO Public Dialog, Executive Chairman, International Public Relations Network (IPRN). 17 years connected with professional social communication and media sectors. He specializes in Corporate Communication and positioning companies in the market. Juror in international competition: SABRE EMEA, POTY (Project of the Year by IPRN), PR International Stevie Awards, Golden Clips (Złote Spinacze by The Polish Public Relations Consultancies Association (PPRCA), Innovation Awards (SKM SAR) and EFFIE Awards (Poland).

Executive Chairman of IPRN (www.iprn.com) is an international network of independently owned and managed communications and public relations agencies. Currently we have more than 40 members in 40 countries with more than 80 offices in cities on five continents. IPRN is one of the world’s largest and well established independent agency networks, founded in 1995. Our members and contacts are in the most important countries and cities all over the world covering markets in the five continents.

In Public Dialog (www.publicdialog.pl) he has co-created and managed hundreds projects in the field of PR. Supervised projects have won numerous Polish and international awards including: the Golden Clips, Grand Prix Eventiada by IPRA, Magellan Awards, Mercure Excellence Awards, POTY, SABRE (finalist x3), PR Daily, and IPRA (finalists).

A graduate of the Warsaw University Faculty of Journalism and Political Science in the specialty of Political Marketing and Public Relations. A member of The Polish Association for Public Relations and International Branding Association (IBA), Association of Public Relations Agencies Poland (SAPR).

Author of expert publications on about Corporate Communications and topics related to building brands. Theoretician and practitioner, he conducted trainings on the rules of cooperation with the media and public appearances. He was also a lecturer in the School of Brand Strategy, London School of Public Relations (LSPR by ZFPR), Warsaw University and Collegium Civitas.

The author of expert publications on corporate communication and brand building-related issues. Author of the book: “Corporate brand and its communication – guide to theory and practice” 2018. He has conducted a number of training seminars on the principles of media cooperation and public speeches.

Karolina Borkowska-Bylicka Vice President of Public Dialog
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Karolina Borkowska-Bylicka

Vice President of Public Dialog

Vice President of the Management Board at Public Dialog agency. Member of the Management Board of the Public Relations Agencies Association for the 2020-2022 term. Vice President of the Management Board of the Public Relations Firms Association for the 2016-2018 and 2018-2020 terms. Member of the Sectoral Council team for competencies in the marketing communication sector. Leader and co-creator of the Public Relations department in the White Book of Marketing Communication. In 2019, she joined the StartUp PFR program – PFR Mentor Network. A graduate of the Faculty of Journalism and Political Science at the University of Warsaw, specializing in Political Marketing and Public Relations. Served as a jury member for the international PR industry competition ICCO Global Awards.

Conducts training in public speaking and lectures at higher education institutions: Collegium Civitas, University of Warsaw in the field of public relations and internal communication, and at the Higher School of Entrepreneurship and Administration in Lublin on ethics in PR.

Her extensive experience in building media relations and understanding their needs comes from working on informational and morning programs at TVP (Polish Television) and for several magazines.

Our creativity has brought us many awards


We are part of three organisations

Our priority is to ensure fair and ethical business practices towards clients, business partners, and the community.